Monica Miron

Monica Miron

Duminică, 21 August 2022 13:40

Invitatie la Prenatal Sciences Global Congress

Intre 6 si 9 octombrie, 2022, va avea loc Congresul International "Prenatal Sciences Global Congress", co-organizat de Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health (APPPAH), International Society for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Medicine (ISPPM e.V.) si PRENATAL SCIENCES PARTNERSHIP. 

Principalele domenii abordate in cadrul acestui eveniment online sunt: prenatalitatea (abordarea stiintifica), conexiunea om-planeta si dezvoltarea sustenabila. 

Vor sustine prezentari 126 de specialisti din toata lumea, printre care: Thomas Verny MD, Jon RG Turner, Cherionna Menzam-Sills, Grigori I. Brekhman, Raylene Phillips, Ludwing Janus, Olga Gouni, Antonella Sansone, Robin Grile, Michael Trout, Matthew Appleton, Amara Eckert, Kate White, Marti Glen. Lista completa o gasiti aici: . Ne bucuram si de prezenta echipei de specialisti din Romania, care a organizat in 2020 prima conferinta de sanatate perinatala. Mult succes! 

Acest congres se adreseaza specialistilor in domeniul prenatalitatii si perinatalitatii, parintilor si viitorilor parinti. De ce? Las mai jos cateva exemple de prezentari care sa exemplifice si sa va incurajeze sa participati:

Programul complet il gasiti aici: 

Sâmbătă, 28 August 2021 10:18

Welcoming Consciousness in Early Period of Life

During my childhood, I remember my grandma used to tell us a story of a meeting place after each of us will die. In the Christian Orthodox religion after the body dies the soul travels through many customs where is judged by the way he/she behaved. That gave me a large perspective about life and a more relaxed way to see and participate in funerals. As a family, the focus was put on diseases and death and less on celebrating births and enjoying life. We celebrated only one part of the soul journey, only one gate of leaving this reality. I feel gratitude for introducing me to the concept of soul.

Until adolescence, I never asked questions about my own birth or what happened to the soul until it comes to mom’s womb. I was fascinated to read about the world’s religions and traditions and to experiment with contemplating reality and its symbolism. I was introduced to Carl Gustav Jung's works and the concept of consciousness & unconsciousness.

“When one reflects upon what consciousness really is, one is profoundly impressed by the extreme wonder of the fact that an event which takes place outside in the cosmos simultaneously produces an internal image, that it takes place, so to speak, inside as well, which is to say: becomes conscious. (Jung 1961, p. 382) For indeed, our consciousness does not create itself – it wells up from unknown depths. In childhood, it awakens gradually, and all through life it wakes each morning out of the depths of sleep from an unconscious condition. It is like a child that is born daily out of the primordial womb of the unconscious. … It is not only influenced by the unconscious but continually emerges out of it in the form of numberless spontaneous ideas and sudden flashes of thought. (Jung, 1968a, p.935)”

After some years of explorations through meditations, I went to Holotropic Breathwork sessions (the concept was developed by Stanislav Grof) where I discovered the “other gate” of the soul journey: coming into form. Holotropic Breathwork - Session 1: I saw myself surrounded by many souls that were gathering for my departure. I was their leader and accepted the challenge to leave that place with a mission. I felt a great responsibility on my shoulders and give blessings to all. I saw my mother and father from the sky talk a little and saying goodbyes. I left the place and descend to another place, another gathering was waiting for me. From the impressive reals, I arrived in a more human atmosphere. A celebration was taking place with dancing and a big fire in the middle. I meet my ancestors who were celebrating my coming to the Earth. Coming down more I saw myself in the womb of my mother. I saw my body and that I will be a girl. Then I said: How can a big soul will enter in such a small body! How can a powerful soul will do his mission as a girl? (my personal experience from a session of Holotropic Breathwork)

After those sessions, I could sense the continuum of a soul journey, a cycle that rotates, like the Uroboros symbol, with the meaning of experiencing, creating and evolving. As I started to prepare this essay, I found this beautiful quote that touched my heart: “In a sense we are pregnant with our own souls and the responsibility we face is the nurturing of our souls just as our parents nurtured us during our time in the womb. At birth a child is born, at death a soul is freed. The state of our souls at death depends entirely on our efforts or lack of them during our precious earthly sojourn, the soul's gestation period.” (from Farrant G., 1986)

The Core Principles of the Integrated Model of Early Development are defined by Wendy Anne McCarty in 2005.  

1. We are sentient beings—conscious and aware from the beginning of life. We have a sense of self as we enter physical form that is present prior to, during, and after our human life.

2. From conception on, we have dual perspectives of awareness: a transcendent perspective and a human perspective. Our earliest experiences involve an intricately woven relationship between these two distinct perspectives. Together they form the Integrated Self.

3. From the moment of conception we perceive, function, communicate, and learn on nonlocal consciousness, energetic, and physical levels.

4. We have an ability to transmit and receive communication during the prenatal and perinatal period and participate in a reciprocal relational process.

Marți, 25 Mai 2021 09:43

Alinierea dintilor si postura


Exista o legatura intre alinierea dintilor si postura. Chiar daca la prima vedere s-ar putea sa ridici din spranceana si sa te intrebi: "Cum adica?", eu te invit sa citesti acest articol ca sa afli mai multe despre muscatura si postura. 

Coloana vertebrala este centrul de comunicare intre creier si restul corpului. In Sanskrita, denumirea de coloana vertebrala este derivata de la muntele sacru Meru, care este considerat axa Pamantului. La fel, coloana vertebrala este axa corpului.

Prin actiunea conexiunilor neuronale, toate emotiile, senzatiile, miscarile, experientele, functionarea organelor si chiar respiratia trec prin coloana vertebrala. Atunci cand exista blocaje, postura coloanei nu mai este neutra in transmiterea informatiilor si apar probleme cauzatoare de durere. Postura functionala este caracterizata prin absenta durerii, tonus muscular normal si armonie structurala. Postura nefunctionala inseamnă durere, distonie musculara, contractii musculare anormale, lipsa de echilibru si dizarmonie structurala.

Care este legatura dintre muscatura/ alinierea dintilor si postura?

Marți, 27 Aprilie 2021 12:06

Ce simte copilul din burtica ta?

“Melodia este creata in uter, versurile sunt adaugate dupa aceea.” (Bruce Lipton)

O data cu dezvoltarea tehologiei (aparitia ecografului) si evolutia stiintifica din domeniul medicinei (biologie & genetica) si psihologiei (constiinta & minte) s-a produs o schimbare de paradigma in ceea ce priveste felul in care a fost perceput copilul din burta mamei. Pana in anii ’80 se considera ca bebelusii au creierul mic si nedezvoltat, miscarile lor sunt doar reflexe, nu isi mai amintesc de perioada intrauterina si nici de nasterea lor, nu sunt finite constiente si nu simt durerea. Important era ca ei sa fie in viata dupa nastere si o data cu taierea cordonului ombilical, deveneau fiinte umane.

1. Care sunt simturile activate si de la ce varsta gestationala?

Posibilitatea de a studia bebelusii in dezvoltarea lor intrauterina a dezvaluit ca acestia au simturi activate inca primul trimestru.

Simtul visual o La 28 de zile se formeaza globii ocular, la 4 saptamani si jumatate retina o Pana la 28 de saptamani pleoapele raman inchise, insa ei au o sensibilitate la lumina demonstrata prin bataile rapide ale inimiii atunci cand o sursa de lumina este indreptata catre ei o La nastere bebelusul vede pana la distanta de 25-35 cm, distanta de la sanul mamei pana la fata ei

Simtul auditiv o La 16 saptamani isi schimba comportamentul la auzul unui sunet o Primele sunete sunt bataile inimii mamei si vocea ei; Sunetele ajung la bebelusi indiferent de barierele existente (lichidul amniotic, abdomen) o La 23 saptamani au preferinte pentru anumite sunete (e. experiementul “The cat in the hat”) o La 26 de saptamani invata intonatia, ritmul, tiparele din voce o In trimestrul 3 diferentiaza vocea mamelor de alte sunete (ex. experimentul cu vocea mamei si bataile inimii ei difuzate bebelusilor nascuti prematur pentru a ajuta la dezvoltarea cat mai optima a acestora) o Sunetele pot schimba metabolismul: Cantecul de leagan a lui Brahms ascultat de 6 ori pe zi cate 5 minute a determinat cresterea in greutate

Sâmbătă, 20 Martie 2021 17:07

Sciatica - Tratament cu Terapia CranioSacrala

Suferiti de dureri de spate? De dureri care se lasa pe un picior, pana la amortirea lui? Daca raspunsul este da, este posibil sa suferiti de sciatica.

"Sciatica este denumirea utilizata pentru a descrie durerea la nivelul piciorului determinata de iritarea si/sau compresia nervului sciatic. Nervul sciatic este cel mai mare nerv din organism, fiind alcatuit prin unirea fibrelor din 5 radacini nervoase situate la nivelul coloanei vertebrale, atat din segmentul lombar (incepand de la L4), cat si sacral (pana la S3), traiectul sau fiind pana in calcai. Exista 2 nervi sciatici, fiecare pe cate un picior. Durerea din sciatica este o durere care porneste din partea de jos a spatelui, radiaza spre fesa si traverseaza intreg piciorul, insa nu orice durere de spate sau orice durere care radiaza de-a lungul piciorului inseamna sciatica." Citeste mai mult despre aceasta problema, cauze, simptomatologie in dictionarul de afectiuni.

Printre tipurile de tratament se numara si Terapia CranioSacrala deoarece ofera o alternativa non-invaziva, fara meditatie. In unele cazuri s-au putut evita operatiile chirurgicale printr-un plan customizat de sesiuni de terapie CranioSacrala care vor facilita eliberarea energiilor neprocesate constient/nerezolvate din corp. Acestea se manifesta, de exemplu, prin tensiuni si spasmicitate a unor grupuri de muschi de langa coloana vertebrala care pun presiune pe nervul sciatic determinand dureri in spate si in picior/picioare. Terapia CranioSacrala va ajuta la realinierea coloanei vertebrale in pozitia corecta ameliorand presiunea pe radacinile nervilor spinali. 

 "Este dincolo de intelegerea mea cum ceva atat de bland poate avea rezultate atat de puternice." (sursa: necunoscuta)

Problemele emotionale si cele de sanatate mentala au luat amploare o data cu pandemia. Pe un fond generalizat de frica, lipsa de miscare, socializare scazuta, timp petrecut mai mult in fata calculatoarelor, telefoanelor si televizoarelor,  a crescut numarul persoanelor care sufera de depresie, anxietate, insomnii, atacuri de panica, boli cauzate de stres. 

Ritm cardiac accelerat. Dificultati de respiratie. Nervozitate. Umeri tensionati. Maini tremurande. Palpitatii. Dureri de stomac. Agitatie. Durere. Plans din senin. Disperare. Neliniste. Nopti albe. Cosmaruri. Stagnare. Greutate in corp. Lipsa de putere. 

Cand stresul si anxietatea "locuiesc" in corp, creaza o cale sigura catre o destabilizare in liniste, fara semnale evidente. Nivelul ridicat de cortizol suprima sistemul imunitar, care nu mai are aceeasi abilitate de a lupta cu factorii nocivi din mediu si cu bolile existente. Cercetatorii afirma ca 60% din bolile umane sunt datorate stresului. Printre problemele cauzate de stres si anxietate se numara: bolile de inima, presiune arteriala ridicata, cresterea in greutate, scaderea densitatii osoase, durerile cronice, problemele digestive, depresia si problemele de sanatate mentala. Din fericire, exista mai multe solutii de combatere a stresului astfel incat starea de bine fizica si emotionala sa fie refacute. Medicina holistica ofera alternative, iar una dintre acestea este Terapia CranioSacrala, o terapie manuala, blanda care sustine corpul in mecanismul interior de vindecare. 

Miercuri, 03 Martie 2021 09:53

Babies are not just reflexes

In the third module of the  Prenatal and Perinatal Educator (PPNE) Certificate Program developed by APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health), I made an essay about the new way of seeing babies, because babies are not just reflexes. You can read below the essay. You will need to allocate some time, as there is a lot of information, but if you're interested I'm sure there will be more moments of amazement.   

 Image source: Wilks, J., 2015

There is a sense of coming from somewhere, of an emerging awareness of your surroundings. Being encased in warmth and fluid. An emerging experience of your body, of being able to move limbs, of the beating of your huge heart. A visceral felt sense of noise all around you – the muffl sounds of outside and the intense sounds inside; of your mother’s heart, of her digestion. There is the ‘taste’ of things coming in through your belly. As you grow, there is a feeling of confinement, of things pressing in on you, of a lack of space. A growing anticipation that at some time soon you will have to leave this environment. The environment might be a comfortable place for you or it might be a place that you can’t wait to leave. You have a growing interest and sense of what is to come, what is waiting for you on the outside. You are intensely curious and tuned into your mother’s feelings, her anticipation, and perhaps fears about the birth. You begin to wonder how you will be welcomed in this world. Will you be accepted, looked after, acknowledged, loved? (Wilks, J., 2015)

„What Am I now then?” is a rhetorical question addressed by the baby just being born, in the drawing above, to the doctor and his parents, that synthesize the old paradigm of seeing the babies as a human being after they were born. Due to the evolution of technology and the development of science, medicine and psychology, the unborn was seen as a human being, able to feel, to perceive, to think, to learn, to interact, to communicate, to make the decision, to have memories and manifesting his personality.

Read more

I started the second module of Prenatal and Perinatal Educator (PPNE) Certificate Program developed by APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) in December 2020. The moment when I heard about the passing of Ray Castellino I was reading the „Interview with Ray Castellino, DC, RPP, RCST©, The Principles” by Kate White. It was a moment of getting in touch with his work and the Principles.

The principles were developed by Ray Castellino during his healing work with families, adults, children, babies and small groups and while he was running a clinic called BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment). This project in the Ethics Module is dedicated to his memory.

I created an Art Project with simple drawings, metaphors for each principle, but connected by the symbols (ex. people as circles) and colors (ex. each person has his own personality, a different color).

Read more and view the drawings

Joi, 21 Ianuarie 2021 14:34

Chemarea sufletului copilului

Viata pe planeta aceasta este o etapa intr-o calatorie mai mare, o etapa prin care trecem mai rapid sau in decursul mai multor vieti, cu porti de intrare si iesire, respectiv Aparitia copilului - sarcina & nasterea si Plecarea fizica - Moartea. Sufletul, ghidat de entitatile divine, are capacitatea de a decide daca doreste sa se incarneze din nou, care este misiunea sa personala in acea viata, familia in care va veni si lectiile de viata. Da, in majoritatea cazurilor, sufletul isi alege parintii ca urmare a unui contract cu acestia la nivel de suflete.  

Deoarece exista aceasta conexiune intre suflete, comunicarea se poate initia din partea copilului inspre parinti (ex. visele premonitorii ale mamei) sau invers. In acest articol voi da un exemplu despre cum se poate chema, de catre parinti, sufletul copilului cu care ei au deja o conexiune de suflete si pe care si-l doresc ca viitorul lor copil si in plan fizic. 

In cartea Spirit Babies scrisa de Walter Makichen, exista un exercitiu de tip meditatie pe care un cuplu poate sa il faca cu intentia iubitoare de a primi sufletul copilului in viata lor. Acest exercitiu deschide chakra inimii pentru a crea acea energie a iubirii neconditionate si a facilita conexiunea. Va invit sa insotiti acest ritual cu cristalele din setul Ma pregatesc sa fiu mama, pe care l-am creat pentru a va insoti in perioada de conceptie si sarcina.

Gasiti mai departe traducerea etapelor acestui ritual individual sau de cuplu. Va recomand sa va achizitionati cartea in format fizic sau ebook pentru a explora mai multe exercitii de curatare personala, de unitate in cuplu si sa cititi povesti incredibile de comunicare cu spiritul copilului. Este o carte care te scalda in energia iubitoare a maternitatii, a respectului fata de propriul suflet si fata de alegerile celorlalte suflete.   

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